Moar details! — February 23, 2017

Moar details!

Hi guys!

Today I have been quite busy but I still got to work on our project. This time the idea was  to make an one-handed axe, I was thinking of a simple shape but with a lot of details. As I was doing my research on references i found the following images:

The axe on the left I got just for the shape of the blade and the one on the left for some details like the inside face in the center of the blade, the leather stripes and ropes on the hilt, etc. Like always I did a quick concept just to layout everything that I wanted in the final piece of the axe.

Once I had everything in place I started to make the 3D model, for this one I tried to optimize a little bit, losing some of the shape but reducing the poly count.
The overall shape still got pretty close to the concept as you can see below:


Now that the model was ready I could finally start to paint it and then the magic started to happen, with every layer the axe took a different look and I gotta say that I really liked this one I even took more time to add some dirt and cracks.


I hope you guys enjoyed this one, let us know in the comments what weapon you would like to see next!

See ya!


Dark edges — February 22, 2017

Dark edges

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to make a simpler sword, I was thinking about a Mongolian sword like a saber, and while I was doing my research I found some awesome Falchions and then I found the Falcata, a sword used by Carthage in their wars against Rome. So I started to do a deeper research and I really liked these three below:

The blade’s shape I wanted to be more like the one on the left. The bottom of the blade, the details on the guards and the leather hilt like the one on the bottom and some other details like the one on top. After some quick sketches I came to this:


It got simple, but exactly how I imagined it. I then started to make the 3D model, trying to get as close to the sketch as I could and this is the result:


Once I was satisfied with it I started to paint it and add some details with normals, like the leather stripes. In the end it was a simple sword with a heavy look and the dark colors made it look like really good.


What do you guys think? What should I do tomorrow? Share your thoughts with me!


Et tu brute!? — February 21, 2017

Et tu brute!?

What’s up everyone?

As my first weapon of the week I wanted to make a one handed sword and one kind that always got my attention was the Gladius, an ancient Roman sword. It has a leaf like shape which is an attractive shape and the real one is more of a short sword, usually it is a little less of a grown man arm, but for this game I made it a little bigger just so we don’t have odd attack animations.

As references I selected these two, on the left we have a Julius Cesar’s Gladius and on the right a simple Gladius. I really enjoyed the hilt on Julius’ and the blade on the other, so I kind of did a mix between them.

Below you can see my quick sketch, it’s kind of hard to see but I added some details in the center of the blade.


And on this next image you can see the finished 3D model. Simple, yet elegant.


I have to say that I really enjoyed making this one, it got better than I expected and it was quick and fun to do. You can see below the model with textures and normals created on Substace Painter and maybe you can see it later today in Arknostik’s post being used by our character.


So, what do you guys think? What should I make tomorrow? Share your opinions in the comments section below!


We need moar blunt weapons!! part 2 — February 18, 2017

We need moar blunt weapons!! part 2

Hello there!

How are you guys?

Continuing We need moar blunt weapons!!.
Like I said before, this item was first thought to be a classical mace, but while I was doing it I enjoyed the overall shape and decided to create the mace from last post and a baton out of it.

The concept behind them was the same as I only got the idea while I was creating the 3D asset. So here it is again for you guys:


I then started to create the 3D model and like I said, the shape was good enough so I just changed it so the upper part got a little big larger and I then added some spikes to it.

As you can see, the overall shape is the same, it got the same length, rings, etc. But the head is different, it is larger, and instead of blades it has the spikes.

While coloring I made it a little darker, more of a blackish color instead of red like the mace. This is the result in Substance Painter:

I really enjoyed doing these two items, mostly because I got to reuse the same shape to make them and in the end they are different. It was a new experience and maybe I can do the same with some other items in the future.

I hope you all liked it as I did!


We need moar blunt weapons!! — February 17, 2017

We need moar blunt weapons!!

Hello guys!

How are you all doing? Our last post was quite awesome right? Arknostik is doing an awesome work with one of our members that is  in charge of programming and we are probably going to see a lot of amazing things in these next weeks!

But, let’s cut to the point. As soon as I finished up the hammer in We need more wood! oops, items I was decided to create more blunt weapons and with that in mind I started the whole process.

After quite the research I made a quick concept as always and this is what I came to:


Simple, yet, I liked it. The base thought behind it was to be a classical steel mace with leather on the hilt and some rings on the steel part.

While I was doing it something different happened, I realized that I it a lot, but more specifically the stick(without the blade thingies) and I was able to imagine a different weapon, a kind of baton, with the same stick. As a computer scientist I was most amused to see some kind of reuse in my 3D practice, I will post it tomorrow but if you want to see it now you can go to My Sketchfab Page and not only take a good look at these two weapons but everything that I did and am going to do in this project and maybe some others.

This is the finished mace on Maya, I got some help from Arknostik to optimize it and I can say that I am satisfied with it:


And after some time painting it I got this which I found awesome:

I really enjoyed this last experience and I hope you liked it too, tomorrow I will probably post about the second weapon, the baton, so keep an eye out!

See ya!


We need more wood! oops, items — February 16, 2017

We need more wood! oops, items

Hi everyone!

Although we haven’t posted a daily in these past couple days, rest assured that we are working. These last few days we have been creating more animations, working on gameplay mechanics and creating items!

For this next item I wanted to create a simple yet different one handed hammer. I did my research and found a lot of good references, then I started the whole process trying to create a silhouette that I liked.

This is what I managed to do and found interesting, the idea was to create a big flat face on the hitting end of the hammer, have some kind of inset metal and some leather stripes.
hammer1 I then started to create the 3D model, I gave some extra volume to the hammer head, so it have a more heavy look. It could be optimized of course, but I can always go back to it.


I took it to Substance Painter and created the details that I wanted. Firstly I was thinking of a wooden stick, but it seemed too fragile in comparison to the head of the hammer, so I made it all in metal. I made some inset faces in the hammer head and of course added the leather stripes. This is the result:


Yesterday I started to do a mace, but while I was doing it I realized that the shape was quite good and I could use it to make a baton too. I am probably going to finish both of them today and post them tomorrow, so keep an eye out!

Hope you guys enjoyed this one, see ya!


There be wizards here! — February 10, 2017

There be wizards here!

Sup y’all!

Today I woke up thinking about wizard items, specifically staves. There are some iconic staves here and there and I thought, why don’t I try to create one? So I said to myself, let’s  make one shall we?

After a lot of research I decided to create something simple and rustic, but at the same time I wanted it to show some kind power.


This is the silhouette I came to, a wooden stick with some kind of fabric around it, attached to a metal head and a floating gem. Quite the simple concept as always.


I then started to create the actual 3D model and I didn’t like the spherical gem, it was too generic, so I stretched it here and there and came out with a weird shape.

Of course I went to Substance Painter and started to give my model some details. The gem needed something and so it got some cracks and veins. The metal head was too simple, so I added some weird stripes and a nail/gem thingy. Since the stick had to be made of wood it needed some veins. To finish it up I looked around and didn’t remember to ever see a purple themed staff, so why not?

Below you can see on the left the finished paint in Substance Painter and on the right the same model inside UE4.

Hope you guys enjoyed it, See ya!


And yet another item! — February 9, 2017

And yet another item!

Hi Everyone!

First of all, I am sorry for the late post!

These past few days I have been watching a lot of Vikings(Awesome TV Show) and because of that I decided today that I would make a shield, but not any shield, a Viking  wooden shield of course.

Following the same process as the last axe I created a very simple concept, just to have in mind what I actually wanted to see in the final product. Remember, I am not a concept artist, although I want to be able to call myself one someday soon.

This is what I did:

Pretty simple right?

Next stop would be to create the actual 3D model and, as you can imagine, this one was pretty simple to do as you can see below:


You can easily spot that I didn’t  do much regarding details, I thought it would be all possible to do at Substance Painter and that’s exactly what I did.


And this is it done, quite the difference eh?

Unfortunately something happened(I am not quite sure what and I lost the Substance Painter Project and I was unable to edit it, so I had to do it again, and this is my recreation inside Substance Painter on the left and UE4 on the right:

Hope you guys liked it, See ya!


A SMALL Axe and a BIG Announcement — February 8, 2017

A SMALL Axe and a BIG Announcement

Hi Everyone!

Dertzack again!!!

This time I bring you another item and a huge announcement!

First things first, so today I started another item, but this one I wanted it to be a one-handed axe. I cannot call my self a concept artist yet because I still lack the drawing skills needed, but I followed this awesome tutorial of Drawing with Jazza at Youtube in this tutorial Jazza simplifies the whole process of weapons creation with a small but amazing tip, to simply draw the silhouette of it, blocking out everything you want in it and then adding some lines for the details.

This is my result for the Jazza’s tutorial:

Like I said, I am not a concept artist yet, but I enjoyed the result so I went to Maya to create the actual model and here below we can see it done.


It can probably be optimized, but the idea here at SARPG is to make everything as fast as possible and learn in the process and I gotta say, I learned a lot doing this axe.

After I finished up the model I made the UV and brought it to Substance Painter where I painted every detail that i wanted.


I don’t know about you guys but I liked it a lot! And that was my morning 😛

NOW! About our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. We created a Paypal and Patreon account, you can check it out at Help us donating!, the idea is for you guys to help us with the whole process of creation, from sketching to programming and we are going to give you guys exclusive content for that!

Hope you guys liked it, See ya!

Assets and Materials — February 7, 2017

Assets and Materials

Hi everyone!

This post is going to be pretty short!

I am Dertzack one of the guys in the Studio and from now on I will be part of this new adventure too, mostly creating assets and materials.

I joined the project this week and since then I have been creating 3D models and textures for our game items.

This Scimitar is the first item that I did, isn’t it awesome? I didn’t have any real concept, since the main idea of this project is to learn while doing everything as fast as possible, so the item was made with whatever came to my mind and with a lot of trial and error.

Any ideas for future items are welcome, so if you have one send it to us!

See ya!