Hi guys!

Today I have been quite busy but I still got to work on our project. This time the idea was  to make an one-handed axe, I was thinking of a simple shape but with a lot of details. As I was doing my research on references i found the following images:

The axe on the left I got just for the shape of the blade and the one on the left for some details like the inside face in the center of the blade, the leather stripes and ropes on the hilt, etc. Like always I did a quick concept just to layout everything that I wanted in the final piece of the axe.

Once I had everything in place I started to make the 3D model, for this one I tried to optimize a little bit, losing some of the shape but reducing the poly count.
The overall shape still got pretty close to the concept as you can see below:


Now that the model was ready I could finally start to paint it and then the magic started to happen, with every layer the axe took a different look and I gotta say that I really liked this one I even took more time to add some dirt and cracks.


I hope you guys enjoyed this one, let us know in the comments what weapon you would like to see next!

See ya!