Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to make a simpler sword, I was thinking about a Mongolian sword like a saber, and while I was doing my research I found some awesome Falchions and then I found the Falcata, a sword used by Carthage in their wars against Rome. So I started to do a deeper research and I really liked these three below:

The blade’s shape I wanted to be more like the one on the left. The bottom of the blade, the details on the guards and the leather hilt like the one on the bottom and some other details like the one on top. After some quick sketches I came to this:


It got simple, but exactly how I imagined it. I then started to make the 3D model, trying to get as close to the sketch as I could and this is the result:


Once I was satisfied with it I started to paint it and add some details with normals, like the leather stripes. In the end it was a simple sword with a heavy look and the dark colors made it look like really good.


What do you guys think? What should I do tomorrow? Share your thoughts with me!