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Continuing We need moar blunt weapons!!.
Like I said before, this item was first thought to be a classical mace, but while I was doing it I enjoyed the overall shape and decided to create the mace from last post and a baton out of it.

The concept behind them was the same as I only got the idea while I was creating the 3D asset. So here it is again for you guys:


I then started to create the 3D model and like I said, the shape was good enough so I just changed it so the upper part got a little big larger and I then added some spikes to it.

As you can see, the overall shape is the same, it got the same length, rings, etc. But the head is different, it is larger, and instead of blades it has the spikes.

While coloring I made it a little darker, more of a blackish color instead of red like the mace. This is the result in Substance Painter:

I really enjoyed doing these two items, mostly because I got to reuse the same shape to make them and in the end they are different. It was a new experience and maybe I can do the same with some other items in the future.

I hope you all liked it as I did!