Hello guys!

How are you all doing? Our last post was quite awesome right? Arknostik is doing an awesome work with one of our members that is  in charge of programming and we are probably going to see a lot of amazing things in these next weeks!

But, let’s cut to the point. As soon as I finished up the hammer in We need more wood! oops, items I was decided to create more blunt weapons and with that in mind I started the whole process.

After quite the research I made a quick concept as always and this is what I came to:


Simple, yet, I liked it. The base thought behind it was to be a classical steel mace with leather on the hilt and some rings on the steel part.

While I was doing it something different happened, I realized that I it a lot, but more specifically the stick(without the blade thingies) and I was able to imagine a different weapon, a kind of baton, with the same stick. As a computer scientist I was most amused to see some kind of reuse in my 3D practice, I will post it tomorrow but if you want to see it now you can go to My Sketchfab Page and not only take a good look at these two weapons but everything that I did and am going to do in this project and maybe some others.

This is the finished mace on Maya, I got some help from Arknostik to optimize it and I can say that I am satisfied with it:


And after some time painting it I got this which I found awesome:

I really enjoyed this last experience and I hope you liked it too, tomorrow I will probably post about the second weapon, the baton, so keep an eye out!

See ya!