We’ve started implementing skills and adding some effects to help us visualize the combat. For the next week, we’re going to stress out our skills and combat system, experimenting with a lot of values and animations to start focusing on closing the combat rules and interactions. This is needed so we can start working on the networking of these features to adjust our system to the latency world of networking.

leapingBut Hey, it is already fun as hell to leap around blocks.

Unfortunately we hit a step-back this week, one of our members (Responsible for servers and security) has lost his PC due to a HD failure, so we’re going to need more time to actually have our world working with networking as we’d like. But that’s not a problem as we’re on a pretty early stage and we can get the basics working pretty fast.

As soon as we start stressing this system out, I’ll be able to (and probably Dertzack as well) start working on some assets and map, so we can start building our visual identity of the game. We already have all of our goals regarding graphics established so I hope we can achieve them fast.