Hi everyone!

Although we haven’t posted a daily in these past couple days, rest assured that we are working. These last few days we have been creating more animations, working on gameplay mechanics and creating items!

For this next item I wanted to create a simple yet different one handed hammer. I did my research and found a lot of good references, then I started the whole process trying to create a silhouette that I liked.

This is what I managed to do and found interesting, the idea was to create a big flat face on the hitting end of the hammer, have some kind of inset metal and some leather stripes.
hammer1 I then started to create the 3D model, I gave some extra volume to the hammer head, so it have a more heavy look. It could be optimized of course, but I can always go back to it.


I took it to Substance Painter and created the details that I wanted. Firstly I was thinking of a wooden stick, but it seemed too fragile in comparison to the head of the hammer, so I made it all in metal. I made some inset faces in the hammer head and of course added the leather stripes. This is the result:


Yesterday I started to do a mace, but while I was doing it I realized that the shape was quite good and I could use it to make a baton too. I am probably going to finish both of them today and post them tomorrow, so keep an eye out!

Hope you guys enjoyed this one, see ya!