As I had mentioned in our previous milestone post, I’ve been working with movement and combat for the past week.

And here is a just the tip of what is to come. The movement (start/stop animation) still needs to be polished, as I was doing a lot of clips and trying to figure out what I was going to do with all of them some details about blends and syncs with characters’ speed are still missing. But as you can see, the movement direction is going to be really influenced by the player’s attacks and spells/skills and that is a core mechanic for our combat system, it resembles a lot the movements systems used in MOBAS, where your character turns to match a skill being cast. I’ve also created a simple turn in place mechanic for the torso and head, just as an aesthetics thing.

I’ve integrated all the assets done by Dertzack so far into the game and the player can equip them already. The two items in this GIF are the Viking Shield and the One Handed Axe.

The movement so far is really responsible and the attacks will be combined with some weapon trails and effects to give more amplitude to the movements and to bring an extra life to the game.

Stay tuned for our next posts because we will reveal more from our combat and movement system.