Sup y’all!

Today I woke up thinking about wizard items, specifically staves. There are some iconic staves here and there and I thought, why don’t I try to create one? So I said to myself, let’s  make one shall we?

After a lot of research I decided to create something simple and rustic, but at the same time I wanted it to show some kind power.


This is the silhouette I came to, a wooden stick with some kind of fabric around it, attached to a metal head and a floating gem. Quite the simple concept as always.


I then started to create the actual 3D model and I didn’t like the spherical gem, it was too generic, so I stretched it here and there and came out with a weird shape.

Of course I went to Substance Painter and started to give my model some details. The gem needed something and so it got some cracks and veins. The metal head was too simple, so I added some weird stripes and a nail/gem thingy. Since the stick had to be made of wood it needed some veins. To finish it up I looked around and didn’t remember to ever see a purple themed staff, so why not?

Below you can see on the left the finished paint in Substance Painter and on the right the same model inside UE4.

Hope you guys enjoyed it, See ya!