Hi Everyone!

Dertzack again!!!

This time I bring you another item and a huge announcement!

First things first, so today I started another item, but this one I wanted it to be a one-handed axe. I cannot call my self a concept artist yet because I still lack the drawing skills needed, but I followed this awesome tutorial of Drawing with Jazza at Youtube in this tutorial Jazza simplifies the whole process of weapons creation with a small but amazing tip, to simply draw the silhouette of it, blocking out everything you want in it and then adding some lines for the details.

This is my result for the Jazza’s tutorial:

Like I said, I am not a concept artist yet, but I enjoyed the result so I went to Maya to create the actual model and here below we can see it done.


It can probably be optimized, but the idea here at SARPG is to make everything as fast as possible and learn in the process and I gotta say, I learned a lot doing this axe.

After I finished up the model I made the UV and brought it to Substance Painter where I painted every detail that i wanted.


I don’t know about you guys but I liked it a lot! And that was my morning 😛

NOW! About our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. We created a Paypal and Patreon account, you can check it out at Help us donating!, the idea is for you guys to help us with the whole process of creation, from sketching to programming and we are going to give you guys exclusive content for that!

Hope you guys liked it, See ya!