We haven’t worked a lot on the weekend, but we’ve managed to start doing some heavy stuff now.

I’ve started working on all of our animations for the warrior, which includes Idles for In-combat and out of combat, a Sprint, Sprint transitions (start, finish,leans) that we can use for blending with our characters’ directions.

At the same time, we have now a new member that has started working on some items, like blades and shields. As soon as we have a cool collection, we’ll post some nice screenshots.

The main feature we’ve started working is the networking. We want to create an Online RPG (but probably not a Massive one), meaning that a couple of hundred players we’ll be able to fight( with a cool combat system that we’re working on that requires skill and good ping), loot and do quests building awesome adventures on a persistent world (for some things). We have started to code our networking, dedicated servers and databases. They are really at their initial states but we also have a new member working fully with these stuff (and security).

For the rest of the week we should have tons of animations for our warrior, the full controller with some awesome blends and probably attacks with their animations as well, and some netcode already working!

Stay tuned for more!